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The Beach Glass - The Floating Wine Glass

The patented ball and pointed stem design lets you stake this little beauty in the sand or float it on water, freeing you from the burden of always having glass in hand, or worrying it will fall over on unstable surfaces.

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My inspiration started from my two small highly spirited boys, Dayton and Lachlan. After many trips to parks, zoos, swimming pools, and soccer games,… I began to notice that they would become overly stimulated from the artificial dye in their drinks.

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The Wine Hook

When sipping wine while camping, at a bonfire or on your patio where do you put your wine glass?

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4id seeks to advance the safety and comfort of everyday active people from weekend warriors to full-time athletes while inspiring them to achieve their goals. 4id is both a celebration of every unique individual and an acknowledgement of one’s personal safety.

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Zand Amsterdam

Zand Amsterdam is a young innovative company who has introduced a fresh, funky and unique design to the world of women’s clothing.

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